Baitseanape | About
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Baitseanape Consulting Engineers was established in July 2005 by Ephraim Thipe, a young, dynamic and innovative Previously Disadvantaged Individual who is committed to high standards and promotes professionalism in providing a service to his Clients.  The Company specializes in Civil Engineering Consulting and Project Management Services. The company comprises of qualified previously disadvantaged individuals, who have worked under established consulting firms, construction firms and the public sector on major projects for many years and do not compromise quality by personally getting involved on projects.

The company is 100% affirmable business enterprise.

Areas of Speciality

The company specializes on the following:

  • Project & Programme Management
  • Water and Sanitation Infrastructure
  • Structural Engineering & Building
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Roads and Stormwater
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Works
  • Building Works

Mission Statement

Baitseanape Consulting Engineers is committed to support initiatives and interventions that seek to redress social and economic imbalances and establish a truly empowering and developmental socio-economic capability across the entire communities by:

  • Rendering high quality professional services.
  • Building community structures to manage their own affairs and infrastructure in a sustainable manner.
  • Developing human resources through in-house training programmes.
  • Encourage community participation in the planning process of development projects.
  • Encouraging labour intensive methods of construction where technically and economically viable.
  • To promote Black empowerment at all times.
  • To provide our client with a professional and quality product on time at a reasonable cost by utilizing our skills, expertise and effective combination of all our resources.


Baitseanape Consulting Engineers was established with the following objectives:


  •  Vigorously strive against unemployment while the providing accredited training to local labour force and contribute to local economic development.
  •  Willingly provide an enabling environment to develop and encourage individuals possessing the necessary motivation and aspiration to enhance their skills.
  •  Exclusively build a reputation for technical excellence and innovations, quality of service and reliability to both our clients and recipients of our service.