Baitseanape | Team
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Professional Team

Baitseanape Consulting Engineers recognizes that any given project demands a fundamental understanding and competence in various areas of professional involvement. The company therefore uses the most appropriate skills within its professional team for each awarded project.

Staff Development


The practice strives to employ efficient, effective and competent staff of all races with greater emphasis on previously disadvantaged individuals including women. The practice is committed to empower its staff and will offer training and bursaries to deserving staff members where necessary.

Affirmative Action Policy


Although the practice is young, it provides assistance (Financial and Mentoring) to deserving and hard working previously disadvantaged individuals. The aim is to uplift the communities so that they can be self-sustainable.

Alliances and Joint Ventures


The practice has formed alliances with Black Economic Empowerment Companies and Established Companies in South Africa to assist it with larger projects that it may not have the capacity to handle. This has been formed to ensure that skills transfer and capacity building is achieved at all levels of the practice.